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Friday, September 28, 2007

Hair Band Weekend This Weekend!

95.3 WAOR Presents the 10th Anniversary Melodic Rockfest!Listen this weekend for all the guilty pleasure Hair Bands you know and love! Plus, listen to win your tickets to the 10th Anniversary Melodic Rockfest Sautrday October 6 at the Morris Performing Arts Center in South Bend featuring Scrap Metal with Matthew & Gunner Nelson, Kelly Keagy of Night Ranger, Eric Martin of Mr. Big, Mark Slaughter of Slaughter, Gary Corbitt of Cinderella, Jim Peterik & Jimi Jamison of Survivor, Jack Blades of Night Ranger & Damn Yankees, and Joe Lynn Turner of Rainbow & Deep Purple!

Van Halen v4.0 Launches

The fourth incarnation of Van Halen -- with David Lee Roth back on vocals and Eddie Van Halen's 16-year old son Wolfgang on bass -- kicked off their North American tour last night (Thursday) before a sold-out crowd of 15-thousand at the Bobcats Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina. They started the 23-song show with the track that put them on the map, their cover of The Kinks' "You Really Got Me," and finished two-hours and 10-minutes later with their biggest hit, "Jump."
Concentrating on only the six albums Roth sang on, they did a combination of their best-known material, as well as some lesser played songs like "Romeo Delight," "Show Your Love" and "Little Dreamer." Everyone was in good spirits, with huge smiles all night. Roth told the audience, "It only took 20 years to get this far," with Eddie adding, "We can't tell you how excited we are to be here."
The tour, which is scheduled through December 22nd in Oakland, California, moves onto Greesnboro, North Carolina tomorrow (Saturday), where the band started their 2004 reunion tour with Sammy Hagar.
The set featured a gigantic screen at the back that ran the entire width of the 'S'-shaped stage. Eddie, shirtless and dressed in Capri pants, was the most energetic of the group -- doing his familiar jumps with one leg outstretched. Wolfgang pretty much kept to the left side of the stage. As for "Diamond Dave," this is no longer 1985, so gone were the jumps but he still offered a few leg kicks.
Eddie had some fun with his son, at one point kissing him on the lips, and getting on his knees to play at Wolfie's feet. Both Eddie and Alex Van Halen did solos, and after Alex's, Wolfie said, "The best drummer on the planet. It don't get better than that." Beyond his bass playing, Wolfie also had no trouble handling Michael Anthony's background vocals.
The last song of the set was "Ain't Talkin' Bout Love," and the band walked off for 15 seconds before coming back for the encore, "Jump." Roth waved a giant red flag, twirled his martial arts stick and bounced on a giant inflatable microphone -- but he did not jump. With confetti raining down, Eddie said, "Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Possible VH Setlist?

Songs That Van Halen 4.0 rehearsed for their 2007 tour:
You Really Got Me
Romeo Delight
Somebody Get Me a Doctor

I'll Wait
Runnin' With the Devil
Little Guitars
I'm the One
Jamie's Cryin'
Mean Street
Atomic Punk
Feel Your Love Tonight
Pretty Woman
Little Dreamer
Dance the Night Away
On Fire
Ice Cream Man
Beautiful Girls
Hot for Teacher
So This Is Love?
Ain't Talkin' Bout Love
And the Cradle Will Rock

Everybody Wants Some

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

John Floyd Funeral Arrangements

Thanks again to everyone who called in and shared their memories of John. I regret living only two doors down from him, and never having gotten to know him.
Thursday's visitation is from 5 to 8, with the Memorial at 7:30 at LeSea, 530 E Ireland Rd. Friday's funeral service is 11am at LeSea, burial at Southlawn.
Bereavement may be sent to in care of the Floyd Family.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Tuesday Rock Roundup

Did you miss ZZ Top? They've added a few more dates, including Roberts Stadium in Evansville on October 13th...and a show in Ft. Wayne at The Embassy Theatre on the 17th. The tour is now expected to wrap up November 14th at a Casino in California.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band did their first of two Asbury Park, New Jersey benefit rehearsal shows last night at Convention Hall. Clocking in at just under three hours, they did 21 songs, with seven off his new album, Magic. Springsteen also dug into Born to Run, Darkness on the Edge of Town, Born in the U-S-A, and 2002's The Rising for three songs each. The last two songs were "Thundercrack" off his Tracks collection, which he has not done with the E Street Band since March 10th, 1974 in Houston, and "American Land" from the deluxe edition of his Seeger Sessions album. The second Asbury Park show is tonight.

Paul McCartney is in talks to write the music to Shrek Four and he may also have a role in the animated sequel, according to a report out of London. A source tells the Daily Express, "Producers want Paul to compose some original tunes for the next one. He could even briefly voice a character. There have been meetings and apparently he's very keen, because his [three-year-old] daughter [Beatrice] is a fan."

Phil Collins is happy with the Genesis reunion tour and has no regrets about leaving the band in 1995. He says, "I've had a lot of interesting things that I think would have been difficult had I been in the band." He adds that he "wouldn't rewrite anything" and is "glad we're doing this now." As for the future of Genesis beyond the tour, Collins says, "Who knows what's happening after that." Genesis and their Turn It on Again tour are in New York tonight at Madison Square Garden.

Pattie Boyd, the former wife of George Harrison and Eric Clapton, is now a best-selling author. Her memoir, Wonderful Tonight, is number-six on the New York Times Best Seller List. But if you're expecting a tell-all on the Beatles or Clapton, this is not for you. Pattie tells us, "It is just purely about my life and all the people that came in and out of my life." Of course, she does serve up the dirt on her two ex-husbands -- who, she says, "weren't that famous when I first met them."

In addition to the rumor that Journey will reunite with Steve Perry for a tour next year, there is talk that the band has made an offer to a singer from a Filipino Journey cover band. The story goes that Journey became interested in Arnel Pineda after reportedly seeing him sing their songs on YouTube. Journey cut ties with singer Jeff Scott Soto earlier this year. Soto replaced Steve Augeri, who reportedly left the band last year for medical reasons. If this story is true, it will not be the first time a major recording act has turned to a cover band for a replacement. Tim "Ripper" Owens was in a Judas Priest cover band when he replaced Rob Halford, who later replaced Owens in Priest. That story was the loose basis for the movie Rock Star, which everyone should watch at least once because it was actually pretty cool in an 80s hair-band kind of way.

Jon Bon Jovi will host Saturday Night Live on October 13th. He's performed on the show three times. Though the Foo Fighters are the official musical guest for the evening, Jon and the rest of Bon Jovi will perform their new single "Lost Highway."

New CD Releases: Steve Earle -
Washington Square Serenade, Foo Fighters - Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace, and Melissa Etheridge - The Awakening. New Springsteen and a ton of other great ones due next Tuesday.

New on DVD:
Knocked Up DVD
Next DVD with Nicholas Cage and Jessica Biel and the oddly sexy Julianne Moore.
My Name Is Earl - Season Two DVD (4 discs)
Numb3rs - The Third Season DVD (6 discs)

Today's Vinyl Monday

Side One
Love Bites
Pour Some Sugar On Me
Armageddon It

Sunday, September 23, 2007

To Address The 2,000 Pound Elephant In The Room With Us...

Yes, the house that exploded at 8:13 Thursday Night was one of my neighbors, two doors down actually, on the other side of the street.

No, no one but John, the only occupant of the house, was injured, and sadly he passed away Saturday morning from his injuries.

No, despite what one TV station reported with a caption under my name during an interview, my house was NOT destroyed. Jacked up and shaken, sure...but not destroyed. I'm typing this in my basement, actually.

We were fortunate enough to have a particular amount of specific damage that permitted us to move back into our home Saturday night. Our house will get further scrutiny soon, including a more specific look at our foundation, and our attic.

I appreciate the myriad of emails, phone calls from friends and co-workers...all of whom ARE friends...I've recieved. But we are extremely fortunate in this situation, and there are families in my neighborhood far more deserving of the attention.

If you feel compelled to do something...might I recommend the following:
  • DONATE BLOOD. Our neighborhood was lucky that there weren't more injuries. Go visit the South Bend Medical Foundation, and help my friend Jeanna and the gang make sure that our blood supply is always ready at a moment's notice if something like this ever happens again in our community.
  • Do something to support The American Red Cross. Rebekah Go and her support staff swept into Arbor Pointe within two hours of the explosion and started helping a lot of confused wife and I included...make sense of what was going on. Anything we could have possibly needed, down to something as simple as clothing, was right there if needed. They even called me the following day to inform me that Applebees on Portage wanted to feed the 8 most affected families dinner that night.
  • Tell a German Township, Clay Township, or SJ County Firefighter that they are The Man. Because they are. I can't say enough about how fantastic they all were. The Police, too.
  • Keep John Floyd in your prayers this week. I didn't know him very well, but I've heard about him from several of his friends this week, including students at Washington and fellow Police Officers who knew him before he retired.
Thank you all again, and I'm looking forward to things getting back to normal at work this week.

Tommie Lee
Really Freakin' Lucky Guy

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Order The Book By Today's Author

Very interesting stuff, pretty deep but easy to digest. I enjoyed it a lot. Click the cover to order if from Amazon.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cooking For Guys Who Can't Cook

This morning, Chef Pat dialed in some solid Chicken action, as well as a bit o' biscuit breakfast. And it's all nice an' simple.

Shall we?
Some pretty frickin' fantastic Baked Chicken:
You need 1 whole cut up chicken, 3-4 oz of Weber Smokey Mesquite Seasoning. Pat really likes the Weber Seasoning will you...and 6 oz of the 'ol trusty Sweet Baby Ray sauce.
Coat the chicken with seasoning, cover with foil. Bake 75 minutes at 350. Then cover with BBQ sauce and bake another half hour, uncovered. Chicken should be 165 degrees internal temp at that point, and can be devoured at your leisure.
Biscuits & Gravy: Pat suggests a pound of Jimmy Dean Sausage, 4 tbsp of butter, 1/3 cup of flour, and 2 cups of milk. Brown the pink out of the sausage, melt equal amounts of flour & butter to make a roux. Cook and flour it until it's lt. brown (that's Lt. for "light", not "lieutenant"). Add milk to the sausage and cook for 1 minute slowly. Add roux to thicken. Pour the whole thing over Grands biscuits.

Ham Egg & Cheese Biscuit. Oh, c'mon. Fry an egg to your prefered method. Slap it on a biscuit with an ounce of ham and a slice of cheese. Nice flaky Grands Biscuits and nice flaky Morning Guy are pictured. Honestly, guys: if you can't get this sandwich together, give it up...

Van Halen Rehearsing!

And they actually sound pretty damn good! Check out vhnd dot net to hear it!

(from Premiere)

Van Halen are done rehearsing at the Forum in Los Angeles for their tour and the next stop is Charlotte, North Carolina, where they will put the final touches on the show for the opener there on September 27th. They ended the L-A sessions by inviting friends and family for the full set. Of course, a number of them had cell phones and video recorders, and you can pretty much piece together the show from You-Tube or V-H fan sites. The reunion tour with David Lee Roth is scheduled to run through December 16th in San Jose, California.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"I didn't rob them, but if I did, this is how I did it..."

Former American football star OJ Simpson to face eight charges, including kidnapping, over alleged armed robbery in Las Vegas hotel.

For more details:



Mystery illness strikes after meteorite hits Peruvian village

(from Yahoo & AFP)

Villagers in southern Peru were struck by a mysterious illness after a meteorite made a fiery crash to Earth in their area, regional authorities said Monday.

Around midday Saturday, villagers were startled by an explosion and a fireball that many were convinced was an airplane crashing near their remote village, located in the high Andes department of Puno in the Desaguadero region, near the border with Bolivia.

Residents complained of headaches and vomiting brought on by a "strange odor," local health department official Jorge Lopez told Peruvian radio RPP.

Seven policemen who went to check on the reports also became ill and had to be given oxygen before being hospitalized, Lopez said.

Rescue teams and experts were dispatched to the scene, where the meteorite left a 100-foot-wide (30-meter-wide) and 20-foot-deep (six-meter-deep) crater, said local official Marco Limache.

"Boiling water started coming out of the crater and particles of rock and cinders were found nearby. Residents are very concerned," he said.


Tuesday Rock Roundup

If you had tickets for Aerosmith's cancelled gig at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont last Monday, it's been rescheduled for September 24th. The show was postponed due to illness. Aerosmith is in Toronto tomorrow night.

The deadline to register for tickets to Led Zeppelin's reunion concert on November 26th at the O-2 Arena in London has been extended to 7am tomorrow. Upwards of 80 thousand people per minute...or five million per hour...have been attempting to register for tickets at Ahmet Tribute dot com. In a 12-hour period last Thursday, there were 89.5 million attempts.
The website has now been moved to its own server and is running smoothly. You should only register once, as the system is designed to pick out names at random and remove multiple entries. Successful applicants will be limited to a pair of tickets per household. Promoter Harvey Goldsmith is urging people not to buy tickets from any other source. He says, "If you do buy them and we find out where those seat and row numbers are, we're gonna cancel the tickets."

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band have been rehearsing at Convention Hall in Asbury Park, New Jersey with anywhere from 40 to 80 fans trying to listen from the boardwalk despite large speakers outside blasting local radio stations. The sessions have been starting around 9:00 a-m and ending in the early afternoon.

Meanwhile, there will be a little extra magic on Magic as the disc contains a hidden track called "Terry's Song," written for his late personal assistant, Terry Magovern, who died in July. Springsteen recorded the acoustic-based song after the Magic sessions and also performed it at Magovern's memorial service.

Mick Jagger was in New York yesterday, and said the Rolling Stones have no plans to tour next year following their two-year Bigger Bang tour, which ended last month in London. "Offers have been made and so on, but we haven't booked any dates yet." There were rumors that the band would tour in the spring to support the theatrical release in April of the band's concert movie, Shine a Light, directed by Martin Scorsese.

Anthrax bass player Scott Ian went to the Forum in Los Angeles last week to take in one of Van Halen's dress rehearsals, and he raves about it on his MySpace page. He says, "They were amazing. The hair on my arms was standing up. Dave sang great, Eddie was shredding, Alex is a monster and Wolf was perfect. Great on bass and hit every high note. The set list was two-and-a-half hours of the best stuff -- "I'm the One," "Atomic Punk," "Romeo Delight," "Somebody Get Me a Doctor," "Mean Street," "Unchained" and so many more... a real full blown arena rock act. It's like listening to the soundtrack of America since 1978. The kings are back!" Van Halen's tour starts September 27th in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Officials in Ottawa, Canada, canceled a Michael Bolton concert due to low ticket sales and had to cover Bolton's guarantee, so they paid him over $62,000 not to sing. I’d comment, but this story is already funny without effort on my part...

The family of the late Hughie Thomasson, the singer and guitarist in The Outlaws and a former member of Lynyrd Skynyrd, is asking that donations be made in Hughie's honor to three organizations -- The Heroes Fund, which provides assistance to the families of veterans; The Angelus, a non-profit residential group home near Tampa, Florida for severely handicapped persons who are not able to care for themselves; and The Freedom Calls Foundation, which provides voice and video hook-ups for our troops to keep in touch with their loved ones back home. The Outlaws were planning benefit concerts for those organizations at the time of Hughie's death on September 9th. He was 55 and is survived by his wife, two children and a granddaughter.

Former Foreigner singer Lou Gramm is finishing work on a new album. He has signed with Spectra Records for his first disc since 1989's Long Hard Look. No word yet on a title or when it will be released. Gramm has three more shows scheduled for this year -- September 29th in Atlantic City, New Jersey; November 21st in Freemont, California; and December 12th in San Jacinto, California.



Mark Knopfler -
Kill To Get Crimson
Eddie Vedder - Into The Wild [Soundtrack]
Simon & Garfunkel - Live 1969
The Simpsons: Testify, which features music from the animated show, includes Jackson Browne, David Byrne and Los Lobos.
Bono, Joe Cocker and a cast of unknowns cover Beatle songs on the Across the Universe soundtrack.
Bob Dylan's M-T-V Unplugged
has been repackaged into a C-D and D-V-D set.
Two of Keith Richards' solo efforts get the expanded treatment -- Main Offender and Live at the Hollywood Palladium.


Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour is back in stores today with a new D-V-D. Remember That Night is a two-disc set that contains 23 songs from his shows at London's Royal Albert Hall in May 2006. Disc two contains five bonus songs from the Royal Albert Hall and three documentaries with behind-the-scenes tour footage from the rehearsals right through to the final show in Gdansk, Poland. Also included is a short film from his dates on the West Coast, with some scenes shot by keyboard player Richard Wright; a documentary on the making of Gilmour's last album, On an Island; additional live performances; videos; and a photo gallery.

We Are Marshall DVD, the story how Marshall University rebuilt themselves after their entire football team was killed in a plance crash. Stars Matthew McConaughey. The Condemned DVD with wrassler Steve Austin. Lucky You DVD a Vegas Poker flick with Drew Barrymore. And The Family Guy - Volume Five DVD (3 Disc set), a Traffic tribute concert dedicated to the late drummer...and finally, the U-2 home video re-issue campaign continues with 1997's Popmart - Live From Mexico City coming to D-V-D for the first time.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Tuesday... National Chocolate Day.

We salute The South Bend Chocolate Factory on this Day Of Days, and aren't pandering for samples AT ALL in doing so. Nope. Not even a little. Just saying an innocent "Hello" to a very important local business. (cough)


Saving Money On Tuition

Our thanks to Ben Kaplan, author of How To Go To College Almost For Free.

Learn more about his upcoming Oct. 4th seminar at Clay HS here.

Historic Thome Homey

Jim Thome became the 23rd member of Baseball's 500 Home Run Club on Sunday evening when he homered off Dustin Moseley in the bottom of the 9th inning, to win the game for the White Sox, 9-7. It was Thome's 28th home run this season. Thome, a 17-year veteran, has hit 70 home runs in his two years with the White Sox.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Vinyl Monday

This week, Tommie & The Bartender proudly present Side 2 of Led Zeppelin II, brought to you by Goodwill. Click the Opus picture on the sidebar to learn more...


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Demetrius Jones Bolts To Northern Illinois

As we discussed at length Saturday Morning on The Blue & Gold Hour, Jones seems to have transfered to Northern Illinois after failing to show up on the bus for Ann Arbor. Coach Weis would only comment Friday afternoon that Jones had not, in fact, made the bus, and that any other comment before he had all the facts would not be prudent. However, Blue & Gold Illustrated is reporting that Jones is already listed in the student directory at No. Ill.
He made the transfer deadline, so he could technically be the starter there next season, as a Junior with 3 years of eligibility remaining.


Friday, September 14, 2007

Iron Man Trailer


Fantasy Football Free For All - Wk 2

Good luck, Jimmy Metherd! The picks, in order:

Jimmy: P Manning/L Tomlinson
Rocco: C Palmer/J Addai
Ragz: R Grossman/Rudi Johnson
Tommie: J Garcia/R Wayne
Craig: D McNabb/S Alexander

One Weird-Ass Story: Your Balls For A T-Shirt

Phriday Photo Phinish

In Honor Of Our One Weird-Ass Story This Morning...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's Official: One Show, One Night, One Hot Ticket

Led Zep made it official today: they're getting the band back together for a tribute show this fall.
John Bonham’s son Jason will sit in for his late father behind the drum kit. John Paul Jones, who's been shunned by Page & Plant project after Page & Plant project over the years, will be there as well.
It's a one-time show only, not a tour, at this point. Maybe they'll change their mind, but don't hold your breath.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Orange, not Gold

Arrelious Benn Highlights

Said no to Notre Dame, yes to...Illinois?!?

Tuesday Rock Roundup

Look for Led Zeppelin to announce their reunion show around 11am our time tomorrow in London. It will reportedly be a charity show in London in late November in memory of Ahmet Ertegun, the president of their record label, Atlantic, who dies last December. As for the date of the concert, there's a post on the band's website that says "11-13-07," which has led to assumptions that that's the day they'll perform. But it also could refer to the fact that that's the release date for the band's new best-of, Mothership. (The re-release of The Song Remains the Same is on November 20th.)
Singer-guitarist Hughie Thomasson, a founding member of The Outlaws, died early Tuesday morning of an apparent heart attack at his home in Brooksville, Florida. Thomasson was a member of Lynyrd Skynyrd from the '90s through 2005, when he left to re-form The Outlaws. Thomasson was in his mid-50s.
Van Halen is holed up in the Forum in Los Angeles rehearsing for their reunion tour with David Lee Roth. Reports about the rehearsals have started to pop up on V-H fan sites, and they say that the band seems to be in good spirits and having fun. The stage has a ramp shaped like an 'S' that extends into the audience. Behind the drum rise is a video screen that runs the width of the stage. At this particular rehearsal, bass player Wolfgang Van Halen was there with his mother, actress Valerie Bertinelli, and some of his friends. As for the songs, they are solely concentrating on the Roth era, opening with "You Really Got Me" and closing with "Jump." Photos of the rehearsal are posted at the Van Halen news desk. The tour starts September 27th in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Van Morrison is a father again at the age of 62. It has just been announced that his girlfriend, Michelle Rocca, gave birth to a baby boy earlier this month in Ireland. The couple had a baby girl last year. Both pregnancies were kept quiet until after she gave birth. Michelle is in her mid-40s and is a former Miss Ireland.
The Who finally have a website. Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey had been at odds over how to properly do one, but apparently they have finally agreed. TheWho-dot-com will contain "Who material that's never seen the light of day," and it will be the "official communication vehicle" for Townshend and Daltrey. Fans who subscribe to the site will receive a double C-D set of previously unreleased early Who recordings.
Almost 25-thousand fans packed New York's Randall's Island Sunday for latest edition for Farm Aid. The show, which raised funds for family farmers, featured performances from Farm Aid co-founders Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John Mellencamp, as well as The Allman Brothers Band, Counting Crows, and others. Highlights included Willie Nelson joining Allman for a duet on "Midnight Rider"...which would have been really cool to see, and The Counting Crowes throwing a bit of Springsteen's "Thunder Road" into their own "Rain King" song.
David Gilmour performed and answered questions at the premiere of his new concert D-V-D, Remember That Night, at a London movie theater last Thursday. The film was also beamed to theaters around Europe. Gilmour opened the night with a live solo performance of his instrumental "Castellorizon," from his last album, On an Island. After the film, he sat down for a question-and-answer session, and then, to the surprise of everyone, he joined his band -- which includes Pink Floyd keyboard player Rick Wright and Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera -- for a short set. Robert Plant was in the audience.
On CD, it's a solo album from Heart's Ann Wilson called Hope & Glory, plus a Greatest Hits set from the Goo Goo Dolls, material from both 50 Cent and and Kanye West.
New on DVD today is a 40th Anniversary DVD release of Dustin Hoffman's The Graduate, The Starter Wife miniseries, Season Eight of Charmed, Season Three of Fraggle Rock, Season Three of Gray's Anatomy, and I Dream of Jeannie - The Complete Fourth Season.

Monday, September 10, 2007


While I'm not feeling quite so mean-spirited as Perez, I do have to say that she looked bad up there. Not bad as in too fat...give me a break, she looked pretty hot for a mother of two that doesn't take very good care of herself. No, she just had no life at all to her performance, and she picked entirely the wrong song. She should have gone classy, not trashy.

Sad. We created this, you know...

(from Perez Hilton dot com)
One of the highlights of Britney Spears’s VMA appearance was at the end of her “performance” as the music stopped and she silently mouth a thank you to the crowd. It wasn’t really a thank you. It was an “I’m sorry.” You could tell that she knew. She knew she sucked. She knew she sucked majorly!
Oh yeah, we also loved it when she almost tripped running offstage when she was done!
As soon as she was over with her performance, she started “crying badly [backstage]. She’s devastated. She was really nervous and knows she screwed up,” Us Weekly is reporting.
Perez predicts…..
Britney will be on the cover of all the celebrity magazines this week.
And we will be buying them all!!
[Image via
Pretty On The Outside.]

Inaugural Vinyl Monday

For today's side...we begin with one of the best:

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sad Situation for Bills' Player

Friday, September 07, 2007

Friday Fantasy Free For All

Good luck to Nick Hojara of Granger. He wins free food from Roc's Sports Cafe, based on how many of us he beats in the picks. Just for playing, he's guaranteed $10 bucks at Roc's. If he beats one of us (probably Tommie), it's $20. Two of us, $30. Three of us, $40. And if his players get more touchdowns than all of ours do...he eats really well with $50 worth of food at Roc's Sports Cafe.

This week's picks:
  • Nick: Tom Brady/Willie Parker
  • Ragz: Vince Young/LDT
  • Roc: Donovan McNabb/Frank Gore
  • Tommie: Matt H-beck/Steven Jackson
  • Craig: Tony Romo/Rudi Johnson

Phriday Photo Phinish

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Josh Sneed is at The Funnybone this week

From his special on Comedy Central, here's a version of the story he told us on the air this morning (about farting on Jessica Simpson). Phone the Bone at 574-254-9999 for tix. Go see him, he's had a rough life: he's from Cincy. No child should be stuck with the Bengals in their prime of life...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

MDA Pictures

We can't begin to say how cool it was to be a part of the MDA Telethon this year. So we'll just show you a couple of pictures from my Blackjack:


Latest Evidence That People Are Insane

There's a caramel-flavored Pepsi now.

Why is anyone's guess...

Cooking For Guys Who Can't Cook

Among other things for breakfast today, Pat brought us...ACTUAL BREAKFAST! He has a great method of putting together a fantastic French Toast:

You need: 1 loaf of Texas Toast (because it's a thicker bread); 2 eggs, whipped;1 banana; 1 smal bag of pecans; and 2 tbsp of milk. Mix the milk with the eggs. Dip the Texas Toast into the mixture, and coat a griddle or a pan with a little butter or some oil. Cook until it's golden brown. Top with pecans and sliced bananas, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar or a little powdered sugar.

Love chicken salad, but wouldn't know where to begin making it? Check this out: take 3 chicken breasts, 1 cup of chopped celery, half a cup of diced onion, and 1.5 cups of mayo. Boil the chicken with a little chicken base. Throw in end pieces from celery and onion. Boil until the chicken is done, then let it cool down. Chop up the chicken and the celery and onion, stir in the mayo, blend it well, and slap it onto...for example...a huge freaking croissant.

These personal pizzas are easy easy easy. Buy the 8" Boboli crusts, which are very tasty. Get a 15 ounce can of Dei Fratelli Pizza Sauce, 3 cups of mozzerella cheese, and whatever your favorite toppings are. They bake for 8 to 10 minutes at 450 degrees.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tuesday Rock Roundup

This will be quite a fall in the classic rock world. Eric Clapton will release his long-awaited autobiography next month as well as a career retrospective C-D. Three reunion tours will hit North America -- Genesis, Van Halen and The Police (this is their second leg). Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will release a new album followed by a tour. Bob Dylan will hit the road with Elvis Costello, and John Mellencamp, who told us this summer he would be touring with Costello, will mount his own tour starting in the Midwest. Mark Knopfler (Kill to Get Crimson), John Fogerty (Revival) and the Eagles (The Long Road Out of Eden, their first studio effort in 28 years) will have new albums in the coming weeks. And in November, Paul McCartney will release a D-V-D retrospective of his solo career.

Once again reports of a Led Zeppelin reunion -- with Jason Bonham on drums -- have surfaced. A number of British newspapers have been running ads by ticket agencies promising a show this fall at the O-2 Arena in London, followed by a tour next year. The agents have said an announcement is imminent. One of the band's managers tells us, "There is no official gig yet," and provided a statement from U-K promoter Harvey Goldsmith, who says, "There are no packages or tickets for some the events advertised at all, nor do some of the events even exist. We are concerned that the public will be fleeced. The bottom line is that unless official adverts have appeared for concerts, tickets are not on sale." Zeppelin broke up in 1980 following the death of drummer John Bonham. Since then they have played as Zeppelin three times -- Live Aid in 1985; at Atlantic Records' 40th anniversary concert in 1988; and at their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995. The only definite thing regarding Led Zeppelin that we can report is the release of another best-of collection, Mothership, and the re-release of The Song Remains the Same, both set for November.

Will The Police follow up their reunion tour with some new material? Drummer Stewart Copeland tells us, "I would never dream of asking Sting to write more songs. He's written us plenty of songs." But, he adds, "anything could happen." The Police recorded five studio albums -- the last was 1983's Synchronicity.

Keith Richards is reportedly upset that Ronnie Wood will beat him to bookstores with his autobiography. Woody tells The Bookseller magazine, "We've just agreed to keep it at arm's length from each other." Richards just signed a seven-point-three-million-dollar deal for his autobiography, which will be published in 2010. Woody's book, Ronnie, is due out this October 12th. So, in other words, Keef is mad about a book coming out next month before his, which isn't going to be ready for another 2 or 3 years. Nice.

R-E-M are making progress on a new studio album, which they've been recording in Dublin, Ireland at the same time they're preparing to release R-E-M Live. Bassist Mike Mills figures that "the bulk of the work is done" on the album, which should come out 2008. He describes the album as "more of a live-in-the-studio record" than their past couple of albums. He says the fact that the band "were playing so well on [their] last few tours," accounts for the change in approach. R-E-M will release their first live album, R-E-M Live, on October 16th.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will debut material from their new album Magic on N-B-C's Today show in New York on September 28th. The last time Springsteen worked with the E Street Band -- on 2002's The Rising -- Today broadcast an entire show from Asbury Park, New Jersey, where the E Streeters were rehearsing for their tour. Magic hits stores on October 2nd.


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