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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Blue Oyster Cult

Almost a week after the show, I finally dig through the pictures.

And I discover that most of them suck, because I haven't worked with the camera in the new phone much.

But here's the band, on stage at the Blaze Room at Time Out Sports Bar in South Bend last Friday. Very good show, excellent crowd, horrible weather outside. People had to go through some serious crap to get to the show, and they still came out in force.

Backstage afterwards, they were ok, maybe a B-. They were less than enthusiastic about the radio people and contest winners coming backstage with cowbells.

"We don't sign cowbells anymore, usually," they said as they started autographing them. "They keep ending up on ebay."

Well, not this one. I love these guys.

Except that I was hoping they'd play Astronomy, and they didn't, the show was pretty damn good. The hits were still crisp and energetic, not really showing their age at all.

And the crowd was into it (a ton of people from their fan club were on hand. Any time you can share a show with the people who love the band more than they probably's a good time.

The bass player wasn't all that good, though, and the swiss cheese guitar sounded like crap...but otherwise, great show.