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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Heatherless Headlines

Wis. Couple Have Baby at Nearly 100 Mph

ASHLAND, Wis. (AP) - Jereme Tauer Jr. was born at almost 100 mph as his parents hurtled down U.S. Highway 2 in northernmost Wisconsin in a
Dodge Neon. His parents, Jereme and Lisa Tauer of Hurley, managed the birth without a doctor, pain medication or even stopping the car.

A Dodge Neon can actually go 100 mph?

Bank robber caught after profile appears on MySpace

The robberies got national attention after a police sergeant in FortSmith, Ark., put photos and video from a January robbery on MySpace inearly March. He titled the page "Do You Know Me???" Over 1,800 people signed up to be "friends" of the robber.

Wow. I've got maybe 500 friends on mine. You have to commit a crime to get 1800...

Housewife Convicted of Frying Husband

SAO PAULO, Brazil (AP) - A Brazilian
housewife was convicted and sentenced to 19 years in prison Friday for killing her husband, chopping his body into small pieces and frying it. Rosanita Nery dos Santos, 52, drugged her husband in his sleep, then stabbed him to death two years ago in Salvador, about 900 miles northeast of Sao Paulo, said police spokesman Idmar Bonfim.

She then hacked Jose Raimundo Soares dos Santos' body into more than 100 pieces, which she boiled and fried before hiding in plastic bags beneath a staircase in her house, Bonfim said. He said police discovered the
body parts after receiving an anonymous phone call.