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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Coyote in Chicago Quiznos

BY SHAMUS TOOMEY Staff Reporter, Chicago Sun-Times

A coyote wandered into a downtown sandwich shop this afternoon and tried to nudge its way behind the counter before settling in a refrigerator that usually just holds bottled drinks.

The coyote entered the Quiznos, 37 E. Adams, just before 2 p.m. — after the lunch rush.

The door had been propped open on the warm afternoon, and the small coyote entered and tried to nose its way to the food preparation area, according to employees.

A worker blocked a swinging door with his foot, so the animal tried to scramble over the counter. Eventually, it gave up and settled atop a row of Diet Pepsis in the cooler.

There were four customers in the store at the time. Two walked out after the coyote walked in. Two stayed behind, finished their sandwiches and took cell phone photos before leaving.

Police officers arrived and escorted employees out of the shop.

An animal control worker arrived just before 3 p.m., corralled the coyote with a lasso-like tool and walked it out to a waiting van.