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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Hockey

Was talking with two good friends of mine, who live far away, about The Stanley Cup Playoffs. We have decided to grow playoff beards.

I have not discussed this with The Beloved Kim, and she will not be happy about it, nor will my children. But I love my hockey, and I used to do this all the time for the Avs. These days, my favorite Avalanche player from back in The Day is a Nashville Predator. So as long as Forsberg is in the postseason, I'm-a keepin' the coming whiskers.

I'll post my progress every now and then, because I am bored. With their permission, I may put Albert's and Steven's up, as well. Three grizzly guys clinging to a dying sport, because it's going to make a comeback someday, and we'll be able to say we were loyal.

Day 1:

Go Preds!