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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Joe Strummer would have been 55 today.

Stupid Heart Attack.
This message is speciafically aimed at anyone under 30 who listens to the show.
Founding singer/guitarist genius of The Clash. Without Joe Strummer, you kids wouldn't have Green Day. You wouldn't have those godforsaken White Stripes, or Jet, or 85% of the rock that's out there right now.
All of these kids you listen to...every last one of them worth a damn...learned what they do by listening to The Clash.
Today's Homework: dig out London Calling, or Combat Rock, Give 'Em Enough Rope...hell, even a copy of Sandanista! or Cut The Crap is acceptable today.
Don't have any? Get thee to a CD store. Buy the remastered edition of London Calling, because it comes with a kickass DVD.
Listen to history.
Extra Credit if you have anything by The Mescaleros.
Welcome stranger to the humble neighborhoods. You can get inspiration along the highroad.