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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Near Shootout At The RS Corral

(fr. premiere)

One of the legendary tales to come out of the Rolling Stones camp over the years is that Keith Richards once pulled a gun on bandmate Ron Wood. It's true, writes Woody in his autobiography, Ronnie. "In those days, Keith and his guns and his knives were inseparable. Not so much today because of airport security, but he always had weapons on him then. He used to threaten people with his piece, which was pretty scary, but he rarely fired it... I also had a gun, a .44 Magnum, which was a present from Don Johnson from the set of Miami Vice, but I didn't have any bullets for it." Woody says he and Keith once had a fight and Keith "returned with his Derringer, pointed it at me and yelled [an expletive].' I calmly pulled out my .44 Magnum. And that was the last time Keith drew his gun on me...until the next time." He also writes about his affair with George Harrison's first wife, Pattie Boyd (Harrison also had an affair with Woody's first wife); his addiction to crack; and Charlie Watts almost tossing Mick Jagger out a window. Ronnie is in stores October 30th. He will sign copies of it the next day at the Union Square Barnes and Noble in New York. You can read more excerpts at