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Thursday, October 30, 2008

As The Zep Turns: Update

The promoter who put on the Zep reunion show last December doesn't understand why Jimmy and John Paul want to go on the road without Robert. He told the BBC "If there's no complelling reason to do it, then they shouldn't do it." John Paul Jones says that he and Jimmy Page and drummer Jason Bonham have been rehearsing with different singers. Rumored to be taking part in these auditions are Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Alter Bridge's Myles Kennedy. Jones isn't saying anything more, however, and Page hasn't been availible for comment either. The last project involving only two members of the band was the Page/Plant pairing in the mid 90s that gave us two pretty solid albums and a tour. Ironically, John Paul Jones was willing to work with them at the time, and wasn't invited, according to reports. And at least that project had the good grace to call itself something other than Led Zeppelin. In my opinion, going on the road sans Robert Plant is a horrible idea if you're using the Zep moniker.