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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Shameless Plug for Tommie's Book Club at Hammes Notre Dame

Step 1: Go to The Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore in the Eck Center on the campus of Notre Dame.
Step 2: Save 20% off the price of the Tommie's Book Club book for February..."Then We Came To The End" by Joshua Ferris.
Step 3: Get a nifty little bookmark while you're at it. That's free.
Step 4: Read it and laugh. A lot.
Step 5: Tell your friends to do the same.
Step 6: Join us for the book discussion at the end of the month, or share your opinions early at WAOR.COM.
Step 7: Repeat every month this year with different books.

oh yeah: Step 8: Don't lose the book for four days, like I did. You'll fall behind.