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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Wrapping Up Boot Camp 2007

Craig and I had a blast (a very long, painful blast) doing the Basic Training work with the Army. Visit the Army Recruitment Station at 413 West McKinley Avenue or call 574-252-5319.
Pictured is the victorious Team Sapper, spearheaded by Sgt. Darty and myself. We ended up beating Sgt. Grimaldi and Craig's Team Airborne in the overall by a mere 7 points.
A big thanks again to our own Tonya for putting this together with Capt. Fore, the sick fiend who made us push the Humvee on Tuesday. Heh. Thanks also to all the soldiers who came in and out of the two teams, helping teach us how to do proper soldierin'...
Hear our talk with Sgt. Darty Wednesday morning here.
The pictures from all four weeks are at and my flickr account.
The videos of the last comeptition are right here: (they have no sound)