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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Entertainment News

Ice Cube wasn't joking when he predicted that the end of music is near. He says, "All music is dying. All music. No more music in schools. They're not teaching it like they used to, at least like it was when I was in school. There's more downloading. There are more ways to take the music from the artist, and you have artists who are not making music because they can't make a living at it. It's just slowly but surely dying off."

Now that we know what killed Anna Nicole Smith -- an accidental overdose of such prescription medications as methadone, Xanax, human growth hormone and the sleep aid chloral hydrate -- attention turns today to what killed her son Daniel. Authorities in the Bahamas will kickoff what's expected to be about a month of testimony today, to try to determine whether foul play was involved in what also seemed to be an accidental drug overdose. Daniel turned up dead in Anna Nicole's maternity room days after she gave birth to his half-sister, Dannielynn Hope, in September.

With Star Jones getting her own Court T-V show in the fall, enquiring minds want to know whatever became of the search to replace the freebie-grubbing former prosecutor on The View. The answer is nothing. Barbara Walters' co-executive producer, Bill Geddie, tells the New York Post that with Rosie O'Donnell boosting the show's ratings with her controversial rants, there's "no hurry" to fill the fifth chair permanently. There's probably no one in a big hurry to sit in that studio with Rosie, either...

Bruce Willis apparently really did celebrate his 52nd birthday last Monday by canoodling with Courtney Love at an Amy Winehouse concert in Hollywood. A spy tells the New York Daily News that Demi Moore's chrome-domed ex and Kurt Cobain's wild-and-crazy widow were "full-on making out" at the Roxy nightclub before the show.