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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Abandoning The Playoff Beards

Fine. I get it.

I'm getting too old to grow a proper beard anymore. And Saturday we're giving away that Gunga La Gunga Golf Trip to Hilton Head. I can't wander around there looking like a hobo.

So I lost my pathetic little Playoff Beard last night. Damn.

I wasn't, however, the first of my triumverate to do so.

Up in British Columbia...Albert (a hell of a great guy despite his love for the Vancouver Canucks) got rid of his last week in favor of sex. Why must women get in the way of Hockey Tradition? Do they not understand how our teams are counting on us???

Steve, my brother from another mother on the East side of Michigan (guess which team HE likes...) is still going strong, like his Wings.

But I have abandoned the process, now. Because The Beloved Kim was likely going to shave me in my sleep, and probably take the 'stasche, too. Or Ragz would have when he came in on Friday.