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Monday, April 16, 2007

Entertainment News

The diaries of Anna Nicole Smith apparently aren't as compelling or intriguing as the diaries of Anne Frank or Anais Nin. Anna Nicole's writings failed to sell at an auction this weekend, and are now available for a minimum bid of 25-grand each. A representative of the Heritage Auction Galleries of Dallas, which held the auction, called it a "buy-it-now situation." There were two bidders for the diaries, but they backed out over concerns that the books may be, as claimed by Howard K. Stern, stolen from her estate and the buyer could deal with a lawsuit. The content is largely concerned with her relationship with her billionaire beau and husband, 80-something oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall, and concerns about her eating.

Paris Hilton had a rocket in her pocket, but she left the pocket behind in a nightclub. According to gossip columnist Cindy Adams, the Simple Life star left a blue jacket at the Hollywood hotspot Teddy's the other night, after a hard-night of clubbing. When her people called to see if the jacket could be retrieved, the staff reportedly found the jacket -- and the battery-operated pocket sex toy in one of the pockets.

The greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan, has notched another distinction -- the most expensive celebrity divorce of all time. According to Forbes magazine, the onetime Chicago Bull could wind up paying his ex-wife more than 150-million dollars, just a hair more than the 150-mil Neil Diamond paid to his ex 13 years ago. Steven Spielberg's 100-million-dollar bust-up with Amy Irving ranked third.