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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tues Rock Roundup UPDATE

The Jim Morrison Pardon effort is getting some real legs now, according to Premiere:

The effort to have Jim Morrison receive an official pardon for his 1970 morals conviction is gaining steam. Florida governor Charlie Crist says he's seriously considering the issue. He told reporters that Morrison "died when he was 27. That's really a kid, when you think about it, and obviously he was having some challenges." There's also the issue of whether Morrison actually exposed himself onstage in Miami. Keyboardist Ray Manzarek said Tuesday that he never saw Morrison do that and added that none of the more than 100 photos used in the prosecution showed Morrison's genitals. Morrison appealed the conviction, but died while living in Paris before the case resumed. If granted, it would be Florida's first ever posthumous pardon. Manzarek tells the Associated Press, "Florida is Jim's home state. He's a Florida boy. Wouldn't it great if Florida could finally say, 'Hey, native son, your name is cleared. We recognize you as a young American poet.'" --Mike McCann