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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Van Halen - Pregame Warm-up In Progress

Van Halen with DLR is in the tray, because they comprise the bulk of Van Halen v4.0, which I am off to see tonight in Chicago. I have a river of scripts to sift through first, and a little voicework to do. And I suppose I should eat something, at some point today, before we leave.

I'll wait 'till your love comes down.

I'm comin' straight for your heart.

The best part about this is: Halloween Night, we have Sammy Hagar in town, with special guests The Mad Anthony Express...Michael Anthony's group. And before Hagar's set, they always get onstage together and do Van Halen v2.0 stuff under the name The Other Half.

So the only thing missing from my Van-tober will be Gary Cherone from Van Halen v3.0...and I can just listen to Extreme if I really feel the need.

Which I kinda doubt. Van Halen III was one of the biggest turds laid by a rock band this side of Chicago XIII...

A buddy of mine saw the VH Chicago show Tuesday Night. He just kept saying "Wow" and "Oh My God" when pressed for details.

It appears The Kings are truly back. I never expected this.

But like my friend Toni: if this show sucks tonight, and it's been nothing but hype...I'll bang on these guys for the rest of my career.
I just hope they don't have a fight and break up again in the next 8 hours...