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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Republipalooza, Day 2 (Day 1 called on account of rain 1000 miles away)

'Twas Service To America Night in St. Paul, MN.

Great tributes to Bush 41, all the P.O.W.s in the crowd, a CMH Winner who died protecting his buddies in Iraq two years ago, and emergency response people who rescued survivors of the tragic bridge collapse last year in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

First Lady Laura Bush introduced her husband, who was working in Washington and spoke via satellite. The President made mention of "The Angry Left" in his speech, and of McCain's spirit. W heads to Lousiana today.

Fred Dalton Thompson came out and spilled the same vitriol about Obama having no experience, but then called Palin "a breath of fresh air". "She has the Democrats and their friends in the media in a panic". "She's the only candidate on any ticket in history who can field dress a moose. With the possible exception of Teddy Roosevelt."

Joe Lieberman also spoke, but I wasn't really paying attention to him while he did. Same problem I had with him when he was still pretending to be a Democrat, eight short years ago, and on the party ticket. He's usually as engaging a speaker as the podium he stands behind.

And while all this was going on...protestors outside the Excel Center were being broken up with pepper spray and tear gas. Ah, politics...

Former NYC Mayor/Presidential Candidate Rudy Giulliani and Veep Nominee/Alaska Governor Sarah Palin speak tonight.