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Saturday, October 04, 2008

On the next Vinyl Monday: Now And Zen

In 1988, vinyl LPs were rapidly becoming archaic, and only weird people like me were still buying them...along with cassettes and CDs. Most acts no longer tried to balance two sides, embracing the CD format fully, and ignoring the old trusty vinyl.
Robert Plant, however, still respected the format that made him who he was. True, he also released a CD version of Now And Zen with a bonus track, but the LP version had great symmetry and gave us a pretty decent audio snapshot of the sound that sold units in '88.
I loved this album: it came out the year I graduated High School. So Monday, it's Side One of Now And Zen from Robert Plant (part of the soundtrack of my time pushing grease around in the kitchen of a Dairy Queen)...Monday Morning we revisit it at 9a on Vinyl Monday at
Heaven Knows
Dance On My Own
Tall Cool One
The Way I Feel