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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Steal A McCain Sign...Get Shot

I love that this guy didn't call the authorities...but had time to get his rifle, aim, and fire at the van. And honestly: who fires warning shots directly at the vehicle??? Not guilty my ass...

Man Charged With Wounding Teen Caught Stealing His McCain Sign

LEAVITTSBURG, Ohio -- A teenager was wounded in the arm by a man who said he wanted to stop the boy and another from taking his John McCain yard sign.

Warren Township police Lt. Don Bishop said 50-year-old Kenneth Rowles told officers he got out a .22-caliber rifle Saturday afternoon to fire warning shots, not hurt anyone. The two shots hit the van the teens were in.

Rowles pleaded not guilty Monday to felonious assault. A preliminary hearing was set for Nov. 4, Election Day.

Kyree Flowers, the 17-year-old passenger in the van, was wounded in the arm and was treated at a hospital, Bishop said.

The victim and his cousin admitted stealing signs at the Rowles home and elsewhere, Bishop said Tuesday. Rowles had the only McCain sign on a street with numerous Barack Obama signs, according to Bishop.

He said there was no evidence the thefts were anything more than teen vandalism. No charges were filed against the boys.

Local Republican and Democratic officials said campaign signs have been disappearing frequently and people were frustrated.