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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chef Pat's Ultimate Turkey Recipe says: turkey in studio
Heather @ MNC says: Yeah, but you guys are there every day!
Heather @ MNC says: Ba dum bum! says: (applause)

Chef Pat's Ultimate Recipe was put together by Craig this morning, and it's absolutely incredible!
half a stick of butter
2 tbsp McCormick's Grillmates Chicken Rub
1 cup chopped celery, carrot, & onion
Mix butter and seasoning together, and rub it all over the turkey. Sprinkle a little more rub all over it. Place veggies inside cavity, cover tight with foil. Follow the cooking instructions for your bird...but cook at about 50 degrees lower, for a few hours longer. Let the bird stand for 20 minutes before cutting into it: otherwise you run the risk of losing the natural juices quickly, and the bird will dry faster...)