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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Rock Roundup

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band threw open the doors of Convention Hall in Asbury Park, New Jersey last night for the first of two rehearsal shows for their Working on a Dream tour. Taking the stage, Springsteen told the crowd, "Tonight is the night you get to be the guinea pigs for the rest of the world. Don't know if we got a show yet but we're gonna run through a bunch of songs and see how we do." They ran through seven songs from the new album, Working on a Dream, as well as some of classics and covers of "Mustang Sally" and "Seven Nights to Rock." The second and final rehearsal show is tonight.

Bob Dylan will team up with Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp for a tour of minor league ballparks in July and August. Dylan and Nelson did this tour in 2004 and 2005. One can only hope it stops here again.

John Mellencamp has posted an essay on his website about what he feels is wrong with the music industry. "I've always found it amusing that a few people who have never made a record or written a song seem to know so much more about what an artist should be doing than the artist himself. If these pundits know so much, I'd suggest that make their own records and just leave us out of it." And in closing he says, "When all is said and done, unfortunately, it's not really about the music or the artist. It's about you and your perception of yourself and how you think things ought to be. And we all know that this very rarely intersects with what actually is. Just because you think this is how it should be only makes it just that: what you think; it doesn't make it true. So let's try to put our best foot forward and remember that anyone can stand in the back of a dark hall and yell obscenities, but if you want a better world it starts with you and the things you say and do."

Guns n' Roses have made a lineup change yet again, and added a new guitarist to their --Sixx AM's DJ Ashba. Ashba replaces Robin Finck, who left GNR to re-join Nine Inch Nails last year. With this announcement, summer GNR tour dates should come very soon. Ashba is just another long line in Slash and Izzy Stradlin replacements for Axl Rose. The list includes current guitarists Richard Fortus and Bumblefoot, and former replacements Bucklethead and Gilby Clarke.

The Jimi Hendrix releases keep coming. Later this year, we can expect two albums, including his 1969 performance at London's Royal Albert Hall, which will also include a DVD component with behind-the-scenes footage. Before the two shows he did there, he was followed by a camera crew for a month and they captured him at home, in London, at shows and more. The Hendrix catalog sells close to two-million copies worldwide each year with downloads in the US at more than 900-thousand. There is reportedly enough Hendrix material to release over the next 10 years.

Didja miss Metallica last time they were in the area? They're heading back to North America in the fall, including Indianapolis September 17th at the Conseco Fieldhouse, and the Van Andel in Grand Rapids on November 9th.

The late Sid Vicious has been voted the most controversial rock artist, according to a poll on Orange-dot-co-dot-uk. Two-thousand people were polled and Vicious received 25-percent of the vote. Ozzy Osbourne was second and Keith Richards third.

Roger Waters has given his blessing for a stage adaptation of The Wall to take place in Galway, Ireland this Thursday through Saturday with the proceeds going to a number of charities.

Simon and Garfunkel will tour Asia and Australia in June.


Pearl Jam revisits their first album with four different remastered reissues of Ten
Vanilla Fudge is back with When Two Worlds Collide
Quantum of Solace DVD
(Several Bonds are out on BluRay today as well, and a number of the earlier Bonds are being rereleased on DVD too)
Bolt DVD
Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter & Under the Hood DVD (two parts of the Watcmhmen storyline that were left out of the movie)
Motley Crue: Crue Fest 2008 DVD
Andy Richter Controls the Universe: The Complete Series DVD
Star Wars: The Clone Wars - A Galaxy Divided (TV Series) DVD
The Riches: Season 2 DVD
Secrets of the Furious Five (Kung Fu Panda tie-in) DVD
Craig Ferguson: A Wee Bit o' Revolution DVD
Lilo & Stitch 2-Disc Big Wave Edition DVD
Odd Couple - The Centennial Collection (2pc) DVD including interviews with the sons of both stars