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Thursday, March 29, 2007


Soooooo...Friday morning, in the last hour of the show, Craig and I got curious about just how many people are reading this website.

So we stuck a simple counter near the bottom of the navigation bar on the right hand side.

Over that first weekend, 155 people stopped by to read this crap. Now, Thursday Night as I'm prepping the show for tomorrow (instead of sleeping), I see that the counter has rolled over 1,000 hits.

That's quite a surprise.

We want to hear from you, though. We want to know who's visiting this. Because if it's just my and Craig's Moms...well, that would just be sad.

So please feel free to leave little comments on the items that are on here. You aren't required to have a registered blogspot account to do so...but you can log in if you have one. Maybe we can post links to your blogs if you leave them. Some kind of "Friends Of The Show" thing could easily be set up.

Also: keep in mind that this website is really just a dumping ground for the notes I use on the show. And not everything here actually makes it on the air.

Thanks for being one of the first thousand we counted. Enjoy your weekend!

- Tommie