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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tuesday Rock Roundup

Brad Delp's ex-wife, Micki Delp, says the Boston singer may have taken his life, partly, because of problems in the band. If their rehearsals earlier this year were any indication, then Boston was set to hit the road without Fran Cosmo, Delp's close friend and the singer who replaced him in Boston in the mid-'90s. Micki tells the Boston Herald that Delp was "upset" that Cosmo and his son, Anthony Cosmo, were "dis-invited" from the summer tour with R-E-O Speedwagon. But, according to Boston guitarist Tom Scholz, "The decision to rehearse without the Cosmos was a group decision. Brad never expressed unhappiness with that decision...and took an active part in arranging the vocals for five people, not seven."

The Who have canceled their third straight show, tonight in San Antonio, Texas, as Roger Daltrey continues to battle a virus. On his website, Pete Townshend writes, "Roger has alarmingly low sodium levels leading to problematic dehydration. He has contracted a viral infection. It was recommended he go into hospital and go on a drip for a few days to set him right. A doctor from the U-K advised caution, and suggested Roger simply try resting before going into hospital." Daltrey was scheduled to see his doctor in Miami yesterday and a decision will be made about the rest of the shows on this leg. The Who's next show is scheduled for Little Rock, Arkansas on Thursday.

Red Hot Chili Peppers postponed their Japanese tour, which was supposed to start yesterday, because singer Anthony Kiedis is battling bronchial pneumonia. Kiedis is under doctor's orders not to fly for the next two weeks. The group hopes to reschedule the dates for this fall. The Peppers are scheduled to start an Australian tour April 7th.

Jury selection began yesterday in Phil Spector's murder trial in L-A, and reports say he'll seek support from an unlikely source -- his ex-wife Ronnie. Despite their turbulent marriage and ugly divorce, the legendary producer is expected to call the new Rock and Roll Hall of Famer as a character witness. In the updated 2004 edition of her autobiography, Be My Baby: How I Survived Mascara, Miniskirts and Madness, Ronnie seems to question her ex-husband's guilt, writing, "I knew this guy who had imprisoned me in his home for years during our marriage to try and control me was capable of real crazy behavior. But cold-blooded murder? To actually pull the trigger on someone?" Jury selection is expected to last two days. The trial itself will begin on April 30th.

Jimmy Page's iconic double-neck guitar has been replicated by Gibson. There are 25 aged models, complete with nicks and dings, and they go for 33-thousand-500 dollars. 250 replica models without the aging effect sell for 10- to 12-grand each.

The new KISS comic book, KISS 4-K, has been recognized by the Guiness Book of World Records as the largest comic book ever published. It's three feet long, or half the length of Gene's tongue.


Robert Plant's nine solo albums -- released last year in a limited-edition box-set, Nine Lives -- are being re-released separately starting today. Pictures at Eleven, Shaken n Stirred, Manic Nirvana, Fate of Nations and Mighty Rearranger, each of which have been remastered and expanded with bonus tracks, are in stores today. The Principle of Moments, The Honeydrippers, Now and Zen, and Dreamland will follow on April 3rd.


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