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Friday, September 05, 2008

Candy-O on the next Vinyl Monday

This side was suggested by Clare, who listens in Elkhart. Thanks Clare!

Side One of 1979's Candy-O, the sophomore release from The Cars:

Let's Go

Since I Held You

It's All I Can Do

Double Life

Shoo Be Doo


I admit to not having any nuggets of knowledge to share about this album, so I dug a little and found this story at wikipedia (which means it could be total bullshit). Interesting, either way:

The original concept of using pinup art came from the band's drummer David Robinson, who also suggested that it should be painted by the then 83-year old Vargas. According to Johnny Lee, Vargas was initially uninterested in doing the cover, until persuaded to do so by his great-niece. He agreed and suggested the elegant "Varga Girl"-like dancer named Nancy Beth as his model. They went to see her dance in a black mesh-sleeved leotard and he picked out a dance step Nancy Beth called the "rose petal" where the woman's hand was stretched demurely across the forehead and eyes like a petal. Vargas' niece asked her if she would be willing to pose for Vargas. After Nancy said no to the nudity, the record company hired another girl, coincidentally named Candy, who later dated one of the band members, to finish the modeling for Candy-O in the semi-nude. However, Alberto Vargas's first few paintings were rejected by the record company until he removed the nipples and pubic hair anyway. The black mesh leotard and demure "rose petal" pose of the original dancer remained.