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Friday, October 31, 2008

Heatherless Headlines

(Named in honor of our News Director, Heather Richards, who has far too much journalistic integrity to read stories like these. But we love the headlines themselves, so we do the stories weekday mornings at 6:35 at WAOR.COM. Fresh headlines are posted each weekday, as people continue to do stupid things...)

Columnist Runs Out Of Things To Say

Man Charged With Driving Stolen SUV To Court

Ky. man, 82, accused of trading drugs for sex

Cop directing traffic spots man driving his truck

Restaurant closed after dead deer found in kitchen

Reluctant groom sets hotel on fire

Man drives off in car being towed by repo worker

Man pleads guilty in fork, frozen chicken attacks

'Officer of the year' charged with DUI

Colo. couple get marijuana with order of tacos