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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Tuesday Rock Roundup

John Lennon's organ from The Beatles historic August 15th, 1965 concert at Shea Stadium will be auctioned by Christie's in New York on November 24th. The Vox Continental Portable was also used by Lennon two nights earlier, when the Beatles taped a segment that aired a month later on The Ed Sullivan Show. But the night at Shea was the one that made history, and it turned out to be instrument's swan song. Lennon pounded on the keys with his elbow during "I'm Down," damaging the instrument. It didn't work properly at the Beatles next show, two nights later in Toronto. So they swapped it for another model at The Vox Shoppe in Atlanta the following day. That store held onto the damaged instrument for almost 40 years. It has since been repaired and is now playable. It's value is estimated at 200 grand.

U2's plans for a new studio are on the shelf for a year due to the worldwide economic crisis. It was to be housed in a new 393-foot building in Dublin's Docklands section, but uncertainty in the real estate and financial markets have put plans for the tower on hold. The studio was to be suspended in an egg-shaped pod at the top of the tower. Nonetheless, the Dublin Docklands Development Authority says it remains committed to building the tower, which would have been Ireland's tallest building. The agency plans to reopen negotiations with developers within a year.

Geddy Lee of Rush, who doubles as our baseball analyst, admits he's an addict. He's addicted to baseball box scores in the newspaper, and for the next six months he will be going through withdrawals. He tells us, "I get depressed. I miss the daily box scores. It's a big adjustment for me." Despite living in Toronto, Geddy says he is not a hockey fan, but occasionally takes in a Toronto Raptors basketball game.

As we wait for Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones to decide how they will proceed without Robert Plant, the Los Angeles Times has published a list of five things the band needs to do to "avert disaster." They are:
1) "Don't get anyone who sounds like Plant... For the new project to work it needs to be a complete band, not just the leftover Zep members recording music with someone who kinda-sorta sounds like Plant."
2) "Don't call it Led Zeppelin. Let it stand on its own and not have to live up to every piece of music in the Zeppelin back catalog..."
3) "Don't fast-track it. Reunion rumors have been circulating for nearly a year now, stretching back to when the band played a London benefit last December. Surely the pressure is on for the act to get on the road. But since this is not Led Zeppelin, it's going to take time for this new, as-yet-unnamed act to find its footing. Target 2011, which also gives Plant time to change his mind."
4) "If this tour does happen, focus on the new album (if they record one), not Zeppelin material. In fact, don't play any Zeppelin songs until the encore or near it..."
5) "Keep tickets under 50 dollars. It's one thing to gouge fans for a long-awaited reunion that may never happen again. Led Zeppelin fans would be all too happy to give the band a victory lap. But if Jones and Page end up touring the world with a new band, price it as such..."

Metallica will likely be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April, (an official announcement will come in January), and when the veteran metal band arrives at the podium, it will be without original guitarist Dave Mustaine. Frontman James Hetfield tells Rolling Stone that the Hall's requirements will leave Mustaine out. He explains, "Everyone that played on a record should be there. You're considered for the Hall 25 years after your first recording, not after you formed. Mustaine wasn't on a record." Although he's credited with co-writing four songs on their 1983 debut album Kill 'Em All, he was kicked out of the band and replaced with Kirk Hammett before they recorded the album. Hetfield adds that former bassist Jason Newsted and current bassist Robert Trujillo should be there.


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