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Monday, February 09, 2009

On The (Who's) Next Vinyl Monday...

We've been doing Vinyl Monday since September 10th of 2007 according to my notes...and we've NEVER done a Who album? WTF? Well, on Monday, we'll fix that:

After the huge success of Tommy, and the Live At Leeds album, Pete Townsend envisioned the biggest undertaking ever: the ambitious Lifehouse project. But his vision for it was impossible to pull off, and the rock opera dissolved, leaving him a mess and the rest of the band afraid for his sanity. Some of the songs intended for the project ended up on the brilliant Who's Next, in '71.

This album is among the first to embrace synthesizers, and really make them work in rock. Both sides are amazing, but I decided to go with Side Two:

Getting In Tune
Going Mobile
Behind Blue Eyes
Won't Get Fooled Again