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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A few rock notes for the day...

Pete Townshend has changed his mind about a new project for The Who this year. In the band's fan club newsletter, he says, "I've E-mailed everyone (in the band) to tell them I've changed my mind. I'm not mad. I'm not selfish. I really have to be strong enough to admit that today. I really do not have a clue what to do next." He had agreed to head into the studio in September, and one of the thoughts bantered about was an album of R-and-B covers with producer T-Bone Burnett. There was also talk of doing a few shows.

A handwritten copy of John Lennon's lyrics to "Give Peace a Chance" will be auctioned July 10th in London. The paper, given to Gail Renard -- a Montreal teenager who snuck past security at the city's Queen Elizabeth Hotel during John and Yoko's Bed-in for Peace in 1969 -- is part of a collection that also includes photos taken with her and the couple. None of the pictures taken by Renard, who remained friendly with John and Yoko after the historic occasion, have previously been displayed. Helen Hall of Christie's auction house in England tells the Associated Press, "It's important not just as one of Lennon's most famous peace anthems, it's also the fact that it was written at such a historical event."

Jimi Hendrix is the subject of an X-rated D-V-D, Jimi Hendrix, the Sex Tape, that will be released by Vivid Entertainment on May 6th. Vivid obtained the footage, which shows Hendrix in a threesome in a hotel room, from a memorabilia collector. According to a press release, "Hendrix appears mellow while on the receiving end of bi-racial lovemaking from the two girls. In contrast, his enthusiasm to give back pleasure appears to be boundless." Vivid consulted with several experts to authenticate the footage, including super groupie Pamela Des Barres and Cynthia Plaster Caster, famous for creating plaster molds of the penises of rock stars, including that of Hendrix. Both women provide commentary on the D-V-D. Cynthia says, "That's Jimi Hendrix's [penis], and I should know." Des Barres adds, "Hendrix liked to be filmed having sex. He's the ultimate adult-film movie star. I understand why everyone wanted to sleep with the guy. He played like an all-encompassing rock orgasm. He reeked of sex. You wanted to strip to keep up with him when he played 'Foxy Lady.'" You can buy the video online at HendrixSexTape-dot-com. A spokesman for Hendrix had no comment.

Two of Elton John's early albums are getting the deluxe treatment -- 1970's Elton John and 1971's Tumbleweed Connection. Both have been remastered and will be re-issued as two-C-D sets...the original album, plus a bonus C-D of previously unreleased tracks including demos and live BBC sessions. And each booklet contains extensive new sleeve notes, period photos and lyrics. The bonus disc for Elton John contains 20 songs, 15 of which are previously unreleased. Three of the songs -- "Thank You Mama," "All the Way Down to El Paso" and "I'm Going Home" are demos from the sessions that did not make the original album and have never been released. The bonus disc for Tumbleweed Connection has 13 tracks, 10 of which have never been released. There is also an alternative version of "Madman Across the Water" featuring Mick Ronson of The Spiders From Mars on guitar. Both albums are scheduled to be released on June 3rd.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Baby Kai!

Last year's Tommie & The Bartender Two Men & A Baby winner turned one, of course, and mom sent us a picture! Thanks, Carm!
Hear all about it on the usPod on the right hand side --->


Tuesday Rock Roundup

Longtime friends Eric Clapton and Robbie Robertson started recording their first album together last month in London, and according to a source close to Robertson, it is "going well." Robertson will continue to work on the album, which will be all original material, and then get together with Clapton at the end of the summer. But be patient...word is that they will take their time, and there is no release date or title. Slowhand has released collaborations with BB King and JJ Cale in the last 8 years. He also appears on Dirty City, the first single from Steve Winwood's new album...out today. We'll get to that in a sec.

Mudcrutch, the band Tom Petty fronted before forming the Heartbreakers, will release its debut album today. Recorded last August, the album, according to the liner notes, was done "live -- vocals, harmony, everything. Arrangements [were] done on [the] studio floor. Made in 10 days, [and] no headphones [were used]."

According to London's Mirror, Paul McCartney is writing a book about his first wife, the late Linda McCartney. A source tells the paper that Macca recently met with publishers and that he will "share lots of intimate moments" in the coffee-table book. It will contain hundreds of photos taken by Linda, who died 10 years ago this month from breast cancer. The UK press is ripe with stories about McCartney wife number-two, Heather Mills. She's reportedly making demands about his tour plans for later this year. One report has her drawing up rules regarding their daughter Beatrice...such as no one being allowed to curse in front of her...and her request for a private jet so she and Beatrice can follow him around.

Organizers of this past weekend's Coachella Music and Arts Festival are offering a 10-thousand-dollar reward and four lifetime event passes to whoever locates the giant graffiti-covered inflatable pig that was sent aloft at the end of Roger Waters' first set Sunday night. As of Monday afternoon, the whereabouts of the famous pig, which is about the size of a two-story house, are unknown. It was last seen floating skyward high above the Indio, California festival grounds during the intermission between Waters' first set and his performance of Dark Side of the Moon.

Scott Weiland says he'd love for his former Velvet Revolver bandmates to make up with Axl Rose and have a Guns n' Roses reunion. Weiland tells the British magazine Classic Rock: "I think that would be the greatest thing that they could do. I think the world would be very happy -- if they could stop talking trash about Axl in the press. It almost happened. The pens were ready to sign. I would love to see that happen, as a Guns n' Roses fan. I'd pay to see it." Bassist Duff McKagen says that he, Slash and drummer Matt Sorum were "never even close to reuniting with Axl."


Grand Theft Auto IV: Liberty City Video Game
Songs From The Sparkle Lounge by Def Leppard CD
Nine Lives by Steve Winwood CD
This Kind of Love by Carly Simon CD
Hard Candy by Madonna CD
27 Dresses (Widescreen Edition) DVD
The Golden Compass (New Line Platinum Series Two-Disc Widescreen Edition) DVD
The Waltons - The Complete Seventh Season DVD
Scrubs- Seasons 1-6 DVD Set
Greys Anatomy - Seasons 1 - 3 DVD Set
Lost - The Complete Seasons 1-3 DVD Set
Cheers - The Complete Ninth Season DVD
Beverly Hills, 90210 - The Fourth Season DVD
I Spy - Season 1 DVD
I Spy - Season 2 DVD
I Spy - Season 3 DVD
Desperate Housewives - Seasons 1-3 DVD Set
Classic Album: Plastic Ono Band by John Lennon DVD

Monday, April 28, 2008

Vinyl Monday

Side One of Permanent Waves, the 1980 release from Rush
The Spirit Of Radio
Jacob's Ladder

Friday, April 25, 2008

Shot Of The Week

The Italian Assassin:
Equal parts Amaretto and Jack Daniels

Phriday Photo Phinish

The Shirt, 2008 (?)

Heatherless Headlines

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Events we discussed this morning

Get details for the Aric's Ride event at Hoosier Harley-Davidson in Elkhart. Call Brad and the guys at 574-262-2735.

Dancing With Our Stars is Friday (tomorrow) at the Hilton Garden Inn on 933. Learn how to donate and help out the Center For The Homeless...clickity here.

Hear both interviews from this morning over yonder on the usPod. --->

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Parrotheads In Michiana info

It's time again for Pancakes In Paradise.

The 'Heads are putting together their 3rd Annual Pancake Breakfast to raise funds for an area girl who needs a double lung and pancreas transplant to help her combat cystic fibrosis.

The breakfast is Saturday morning from 8 to 10 at:
  • Applebees, 4515 Lincolnway East in Mishawaka
  • Applebees, 1150 East Ireland Road in South Bend

Learn more at and help out with the great cause! Hear our interview with Shark and the boys on the usPod on the right-hand side of this station.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Editedliest Catch?

Pages from a production outline obtained by The Hollywood Reporter suggest that producers of the cable network's top-rated series may have strayed from reality while editing the harrowing sequence from the show's record-setting premiere.

Tuesday Rock Roundup

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band said goodbye to keyboard player Danny Federici yesterday at a private funeral in New Jersey. He died last week at the age of 58 from melanoma. Springsteen and the band will resume the Magic tour tonight in Tampa, Florida, no doubt with heavy hearts. Fans on Springsteen message boards are offering up ideas on how Federici should be remembered tonight. Among the song suggestions are "You're Missing" with a light on the organ.

Def Leppard are set to resume their tour with Styx and REO Speedwagon tonight in Boise, Idaho, their first show since April 9th. They were forced to postpone six shows after singer Joe Elliott came down with an upper respiratory tract infection. They will make up the postponed shows in August, along with 10 more dates. The tour rolls into Grand Rapids on August 15th, and Fort Wayne on the 20th.

Before hitting the road with Def Leppard for those August dates, they'll be out with Boston in June and July. It's Boston's first trip out since the suicide of singer Brad Delp last year. Taking Delp's place will be Stryper frontman Michael Sweet (yes, really) and Delp sound-alike Tommy DeCarlo. The tour is in support of Boston's soon-to-be-released new Greatest Hits album.

As we mentioned yesterday, AC/DC are in Vancouver hard at work on their first album of new material since 2000's Stiff Upper Lip.

If you want to see Heaven & Hell, the reformed Dio-led Black Sabbath, they'll be in Chicago August 19th. Judas Priest is out with them, and Motorhead will be one of the opening acts.

The latest posting on the Guns n' Roses website says, "We're in negotiations for the release of Chinese Democracy and things are going well." Of course, the post mentions no release date or if the album is actually done. The post also addresses guitarist Robin Finck's rejoining Nine Inch Nails to tour this summer. "When we begin to put tour plans together, we'll see where things are. Until then, Robin's touring with [Nine Inch Nails] and we're working with management on our game plans."

Metallica have started a new website to preview their upcoming still-untitled album.
Mission-Metallica-dot-com says fans can "experience the new album before it's done," and says the first update will come next month. Metallica's new album is expected out in September.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Ha! National TV!

I just saw myself on Live With Regis & Kelly, in the background of two pictures Regis took at the Dance For The Homeless Press Conference. Neat!

We took some photos with the man, as well. Should have those up sometime very soon here and at WAOR.COM

Killer Geese...

...are patrolling the yard outside our studio window... one is safe...

Vinyl Monday

I'm bummed. There's a huge scratch down the middle of my copy of ZZ Top's Eliminator LP, so I had to punt. And I figure, if I'm gonna punt...kick something with hang time:

It's Side One of Bon Jovi's follow-up to the mighty Slippery When Wet...

...1988's New Jersey!

Lay Your Hands On Me
Bad Medicine
Born To Be My Baby
Living In Sin
Blood On Blood

Friday, April 18, 2008

Iridium Flare Over Antarctica

from here


Shot Of The Week

Starry Night:
Equal parts Jagermeister & Goldschlager
Amanda says it's "a very pretty shot".


All the nifty technical data on this morning's midwestern quake, which may have woke some of you up, can be found here at the USGS site. You can hear yourself talking about it earlier this morning on the usPod over on the right-hand side of our website.

Carole King was unavailable for comment this morning...

Danny Federici Dies at 58

Founding member of the E Street Band, of melanoma. He left the band's Magic tour due to the illness late last year. The Boss was at his bedside to say goodbye Wednesday.

His Family, and his Band Family, have asked that in lieu of flowers donations be made to:

Federici Memorial Fund Dot Com.

Phriday Photo Phinish

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Heatherless Headlines

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Alien Prank Gone Wrong

Me = Moron

During yesterday's Tuesday Rock Roundup, I accidently read the new release list for April 22nd...not April 15th.

This was made painfully obvious to me when I went to go buy Cloverfield.

My apologies if this screwed up any of your purchase plans as well. Here's the accurate New Release List for this week on CD & DVD:

Juno (Two-Disc Special Edition with Digital Copy) and 1-Disc version DVD
Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem (Unrated Edition) DVD
Lars and the Real Girl DVD with Patricia Clarkson
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead DVD with Phillip Seymour Hoffman
American Dad, Vol. 3 DVD
Melrose Place - The Fourth Season DVD
Live Revolution Rock by The Clash DVD
The Final Season DVD with Powers Boothe, Sean Astin, Tom Arnold and more. We'll be giving away copies of this movie and interviewing the real-life coach Thursday Morning!
Asia - Phoenix CD (THAT one, at least, I was right about)
Rush - Snakes & Arrows Live CD (THAT one too)
William Shatner & The Arkansas Symphony Orchestra - Exodus: An Oratorio in Three Parts CD (Shatner's albums are worth their weight in comedy gold)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Hair Is Getting Ridiculously Long

Click on the purple bar on the right hand side of this website.

Donate to our Tommie & The Bartender team for the March For Babies on April 26th at The Cove.

If our team raises $953, I will shave my head.

Caveat Emptor: the facial hair stays. I don't want to look like an ugly muskmelon...

Sports for this morning

Oakland edged the White Sox last night 2-1 thanks to rookie pitcher Greg Smith who gave the Good Guys' Hitting fits all night, Mark Buehrle took the loss. Jermaine Dye was caught leaning at first in the seventh, AJ was hit by a pitch.

Detroit beat the Twins 11-9, finally living up to the hype at the plate. It's their first win at home in seven games, giving them a 3 & 10 record that's still the worst in baseball.

Red Sox beat Cleveland 6-4. The Yankees outlasted the Tampa Bay Rays 8-7, A-Rod blasted historic home run number 521 to match Hall of Famers Ted Williams and Willie McCovey on the career list in the win.

Southsiders have an afternoon game with Oakland today, Cubs host the Reds tonight at 8:05.

In the NBA Phoenix blew a lead but still managed to come back and eliminate Golden State. The Bulls couldn't miss a shot...too late in the season...and dropped Milwaukee 151-135. Pacers lose to the Wizards 117 to 110.

The Nuggets' Carmelo Anthony has been arrested on suspicion of DUI.

The NHL Playoffs saw Colorado's 3rd straight OT game, this one a 3-2 loss to Minnesota. Nashville cut into the Red Wings' series lead with a 5-3 win, to win their first game in the series. Pittsburgh dominated the Washington Senators 4-1 and are one game away from a first round shutout.

Washington High School Junior Guard Skylar Diggins...who has a very cool first name, just like my son's...has been named to Parade Magazine's All-American Team, one of ten players nationwide to recieve the honor. Diggins has led the Panthers to a 76-6 mark in three seasons, including a 2007 State Title. Nice job Skylar Diggins!

The Shirt for 2008 will be unveiled at Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore Friday, former Irish player and ESPN host Mike Golic will be on-hand for the event.

Memphis freshman point guard Derrick Rose, quiet since last week's national title game, is ready to break his silence and announce his decision to enter the NBA Draft, a source close to Rose told on Monday. The source said the famously shy Rose will likely release a statement to the media this week -- perhaps as early as today -- and in turn avoid a news conference like the one Michael Beasley just held. Beasley, Kansas State's All-American freshman, announced yesterday that he will skip his final three seasons to enter the June 26 NBA Draft, where he could be the No. 1 overall pick.

Tuesday Rock Roundup

Rod Stewart has reportedly cut a deal to write his autobiography. According to the London tabloid The Sunday Express, the rocker-turned-crooner will get a seven-figure guarantee from the British branch of Harper Collins to share his life story. It's expected to be a tell-all book, detailing his rise to fame with The Jeff Beck Group and The Faces, solo superstardom and romances with a series of starlets, supermodels, and other women that has caused a lot of guys to just not like him anymore.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band welcomed a special guest on stage Sunday night during their show in Dallas -- fellow Jersey Shore resident Jon Bon Jovi. Springsteen and Bon Jovi traded verses on "Glory Days," which Springsteen introduced as "a double shot of Jersey." The guest spot wasn't much of a surprise, as Bon Jovi was set to perform at the same venue, the American Airlines Center, last night.

Deep Purple's Ian Gillan, Cream's Jack Bruce and BTO's Randy Bachman have been announced among those taking part in a tribute show to late Canadian blues-rocker Jeff Healey, slated for May 3rd in Toronto. The show will feature rockers and blues acts, while a second show the next day will have a lineup of jazz acts. In addition to sets by James, Bruce, Bachman, Canadian guitar prodigy Colin James, Jeff Healey's Blues Band and Jeff Healey's Jazz Wizards, the tribute will feature another 13 acts. For ticket information, check out TicketBreak dot com.


-Cloverfield DVD
-Charlie Wilson's War (Widescreen) DVD
-One Missed Call DVD
-Starting Out in the Evening DVD

-Flight of the Conchords by Flight of the Conchords CD
-Good To Be Bad (Special Ed.) by Whitesnake CD: a New studio album from Coverdale and crew that includes seven live cuts from their last tour.
-For My Friends by Blind Melon: The recently reborn Blind Melon introduce new singer Travis Warren as a replacement for late front man Shannon Hoon, who died in 1995. Warren joins original members Rogers Stevens, Christopher Thorn, Brad Smith, and Glen Graham. "This record's a great rock 'n' roll record," Warren says. "It's kind of like (1995's) 'Soup' - the more you listen to it, the more it grows on you."
-Phoenix by Asia is out today, the first studio album in 25 years by the supergroup's original members.
-Rush usually don't release a live album until they're done with the tour that it documents. But Snakes and Arrows Live, which hits stores today, is drawn from the band's current tour, which started up again over the weekend. A Snakes and Arrows Live DVD is in the works and will be out in late summer.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Digger Phelps visit in the studio this morning

A big thanks to Coach Digger Phelps for stopping by this morning to share a few memories, talk about the tournament, and discuss his upcoming role in Love Letters, playing May 22nd at The Elco Theatre.

The show is a joint fund-raiser for Mental Health America of Michiana.

Hear Digger talk about the show on the usPod --->

Get tickets now at the Elco Box Office, M-F from 10 to 5 (call 574-293-4469), or the Elkhart Civic Theatre Box Office M-F from 1-5 (call 574-848-4116).

Digger loves this show, has a history with it, and will be amazing in it.
No word on whether he dances in it, like he does on ESPN...

Tuesday's One Weird-Ass Story

Man with suicide victim’s heart kills self - Life-

A man who recieved a suicide victim's heart, and then married his widow...has died the same way as his shooting himself.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Obama Pictures FINALLY up

Sorry about the delay.
I swear...ALL of technology is screwing around with me today...

Next Time On Vinyl Monday

Side One of Van Halen II
You're No Good
Dance The Night Away
Somebody Get Me A Doctor
Bottoms Up!
Outta Love Again

Friday, April 11, 2008

Shot Of The Week

Visit Amanda at the Southside TGIFriday's and dial in the Washington Apple Shot.

She talks about the shot over yonder on the usPod --->.

Or...make it at home: Equal parts Crown Royal, Apple Pucker, and Cranberry Juice.

Nummy nummy!

Hawk Harrelson

Hawk For God's Sake Harrelson, the TV voice of your Chicago White Sox, called us this morning.

Clickity, or find it quickly over on the right hand side of the page in the usPod ----->

Phriday Photo Phinish

I snapped about 40 pictures during the Obama Rally Wednesday Night at WHS.
I'll post the best ones at our flickr page sometime this weekend.
Gotta get 'em all downloaded first...

Heatherless Headlines

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tuesday Rock Roundup

Bob Dylan has been awarded a Special Citation Pulitzer Prize. The Pulitzer board, which annually gives out 21 awards for journalism, letters, drama and music, gave Dylan the special award "for his profound impact on popular music and American culture, marked by lyrical compositions of extraordinary poetic power." There have been only 38 such citations since 1917. The administrator of the Pulitzer Prizes, Sig Gissler, said, "With Dylan, we are recognizing a body of work."

The Rolling Stones new Martin Scorsese-directed concert movie, Shine a Light, was not the number-one movie this past weekend, but it did have a respectable showing its first weekend in theaters. Shine a Light earned an estimated one-point-five-million dollars from its limited release in 276 theaters. U2's latest concert film, U23D, earned 964-thousand its opening weekend in 61 theaters in January. Scorsese has used numerous Stones songs in his movies over the years, especially "Gimme Shelter," which was featured in Goodfellas, Casino and The Departed. Ironically, it's not in Shine a Light.

Queen debuted another song off their forthcoming, and as of yet untitled, album with Paul Rodgers. They did the album's first single, "C-Lebrity," Friday on the U-K comedy show, Al Murray's Happy Hour. Clips of the performance can be found on YouTube.

Today's birthdays include former Guns N' Roses slinger Izzy Stradlin, and Steve Howe from Yes and Asia.

New Releases Today:

Juno (Two-Disc Special Edition with Digital Copy)
Lars and the Real Girl
Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem (Two-Disc Special Edition with Digital Copy)
Hell's Kitchen: Season 1
The Cosby Show: Season 7
The Cosby Show: Season 8

Monday, April 07, 2008

Tommie & Craig at the Toll Booth

Big thanks to the Indiana Toll Road for lettin' us step on their Kool-Aid for a couple of hours.
Grand Prize drawing for A Free Year's I-Zoom Pass will be during the Ride Home With Ragz on Friday!

The Decline Of Western Civilization, Part 5933:

From a Maxim interview with actor/daredevil Gary Busey...

What was the freakiest thing you ever snorted blow off of when you were a prominent coke fiend?

I came home one day, took off my windbreaker, and three bindles of cocaine fell to the floor. Well, my dog, Chili, who has short hair, came in and laid on her back with her legs in the air, and she rubbed all my cocaine on her back and side. I yelled, "No, Chili! No" So I got a straw, and I started brushing her hair and snorting where I saw cocaine. Back, butt, side -- not a spot was left. It took me 25 minutes to snort all the cocaine the dog had on her coat. The fringe benefits of this were that the fleas, the dog hair, the mud, and the sweat went in my nose, too. It's not a good flavor coming off the dog.


Sunday, April 06, 2008

Moses/Ben Hur Dies

Charlton Heston died over the weekend at the age of 84.
Politics aside, and the fact that he was kind of a dick aside, he was one of our greatest actors and costarred with his jaw in some of the greatest movies ever made.
I'll avoid the obvious "from my cold dead hands" joke, and get back to something else...


Vinyl Monday

Oh yeah...hell yeah...

Ladies & Gentlemen...Mister Elton John!

It's Side One of the legendary Goodbye Yellow Brick Road:

Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding
Candle In The Wind
Bennie & The Jets

Friday, April 04, 2008

Phriday Photo Phinish

(click pic for story)

Shot Of The Week

Amanda presents, on the day before her birthday:
The Chocolate Cake Shot
Equal parts Frangelico and the Vodka of your choice.
Suck a lemon wedge with sugar on it after you shoot it.
Hear her discuss it on the usPod over there - - - - ->

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Heatherless Headlines

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

...And Craig Was Never Heard From Again

Good God: If I thought he wasn't paying attention BEFORE...I haven't seen ANYTHING yet...

Unusual Occurence At Last Night's Dart League...

If you look closely in the photograph, you'll see that Craig (who still hasn't quite mastered the "zoom" feature on cell camera, obviously) has a decent lead in a game of darts. His 42 points were achieved through either skill or dumb luck, take your pick, only one is correct...

He went on to actually WIN this game for us...which is equally unusual...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tuesday Rock Roundup

Jimmy Page says that Led Zeppelin's reunion show last December in London may be released on DVD. He tells Uncut magazine, "It was recorded, but we didn't go in with the express purpose of making a DVD. We haven't seen the images or investigated the multi-tracks. It's feasible that it might come out at some distant point, but it'll be a massive job to embark on." As for future work together, including recording new material, bass player John Paul Jones says, "I'd have to think about that. We spoke after [the London show] and we thought the same -- it felt like the first night of a tour. You think, 'Oh, I could do that a bit better, or change something in that song'. And we didn't get a chance to do any more." And Robert Plant says, "Hopefully, one day, we could do it again for another really, really good reason. Because there's unfinished business, definitely."

According to Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash, Led Zeppelin has no plans to tour. He tells Britain's Daily Star, "I'm good friends with Jimmy Page, so I can tell you once and for all the tour doesn't look like it's happening anytime soon. But who knows -- one day?" Slash adds that rumors that Velvet Revolver was going to open for Zeppelin "were taken out of context." Velvet Revolver is in Amsterdam tonight, where I'm certain they'll avoid any and all forms of illegal substances.

Eddie Van Halen is doing just fine, according to his son and bandmate, Wolfgang Van Halen. Wolfie tells People magazine, "Don't listen to the rumors -- he's doing great, seriously." Van Halen were forced to postpone their tour after Eddie underwent a "battery of comprehensive medical tests." Meanwhile, David Lee Roth spoke to Fashion News Live:

Audio: David Lee Roth talks to Fashion News Live about the state of the Van Halen tour. OC:...of weeks. :15

Van Halen resume their tour April 17th in Reno, Nevada.

The Rolling Stones are back in stores today with another live album. Shine a Light is the soundtrack to the Martin Scorsese movie, which opens Friday. Filmed and recorded in 2006 at the Beacon Theater in New York, it is available as a two-CD set as well as a single disc. In addition to the concert staples "Jumpin' Jack Flash," "Sympathy for the Devil," "Start Me Up," "Brown Sugar" and "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," there are a few rarities -- including "All Down the Line," "Loving Cup," "Faraway Eyes," "Champagne and Reefer," "You Got the Silver" and "Connection." And there are duets with special guests Buddy Guy, Christina Aguilera and Jack White. The Stones are in London tonight for the U-K premiere of Shine a Light.

Billy Joel will soon be movin' out of one of his Long Island homes. The singer has put his "Middlesea" estate up for grabs at an asking price of more than 32 million dollars. The waterfront property, which is situated on 14 acres of land, was briefly on the market last year, but the Piano Man found no takers. Possibly because he was asking for 32 million dollars.

Billy's bud Elton John is scheduled to perform at a campaign fundraiser for Hillary Clinton on April 9th at Radio City Music Hall in New York, but there might be a problem. Election laws prohibit foreigners from donating or raising cash for candidates. The legislation was passed in 1966 to "minimize foreign intervention" in American elections. Penalties for infringements include fines and prison sentences. A spokesman for the Federal Elections Commission says there could be a conflict if it is determined that Elton is contributing indirectly to the Clinton campaign. But the Washington Times says there is an exemption as long as the foreign national isn't compensated, and Elton is reportedly not being compensated.

You may recall that about a month ago we interviewed REO Speedwagon singer Kevin Cronin and talked about an appearance he made on the FOX TV show Don't Forget the Lyrics. He said he did well but wasn't permitted to elaborate. Well, the episode aired last week and Cronin raised 350 thousand dollars for MusiCares, which offers financial, medical and personal assistance to members of the music industry in need. Cronin remembered the lyrics to the Simple Minds' "Don't You Forget About Me," the Ghostbusters theme, as well as REO's "Keep on Loving You." Gee...what were the odds? Cronin closed out the show with REO's "Roll With the Changes." REO have a show in Greenville, South Carolina tonight.

The Gridiron Bash, a series of 17 concerts on April 18th at college stadiums across the country, has been postponed after hitting a snag with the NCAA. The Black Crowes, Maroon 5, Counting Crows, and Goo Goo Dolls were all set to perform.

Among May Pang's favorite photos in her newly published book Instamatic Karma is a shot of John Lennon signing documents in a Florida hotel room legally dissolving The Beatles' partnership. May recalls finding some dark frames she thought at first to be negatives -- they were taken in low-light conditions. Then she recognized the importance of the moment. "He signs and you could see all these other signatures before him. He's the last one." May was Lennon's girlfriend in the early '70s, during his separation from Yoko Ono.


Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (One Disc or Two-Disc Special Collector's Edition)
Alvin and the Chipmunks
Becker - The First Season
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit - The Sixth Year
Martin - The Complete Fourth Season
Father Knows Best: Season One
That '70s Show - Season 8
Falling in Between Live by Toto
HBO's confusing series John from Cincinnati - The Complete First Season
Monty Python Alumnus Terry Jones: Medieval Lives

Accelerate by R.E.M. (and a version that comes with a DVD)
Keep It Simple by Van Morrison
Shine a Light: Original Soundtrack by The Rolling Stones
Professor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion of Rock by Joe Satriani
In the Name of Love: Africa Celebrates U2 by Various Artists
11 by Bryan Adams
TwentyFive by George Michael
How To Be A Megastar Live! (CD with DVD) by Blue Man Group