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Sunday, October 07, 2007

How I Spent My Sunday Vacation by Tommie Age 5

My wife and me we went to a football game it was really neat and we sat in the end zone which was neat too.
My wife really really really likes the Colts and really hoped they would win and they did so it was neat.
But my favorite team was the other team in the game and they didn't win because the Colts did and that wasn't so neat. Here is a picture of me in my funny red shirt. It must be funny because an awful lot of people in blue shirts laughed at me all day. There were other red shirts there, but when we left I felt like the people walking slowly to the car surrounded by birds in that Hitchcock movie.

But the best part was after the game my wife took me to eat at a really neat place in Kokomo called Sonic and it was neat because I haven't eaten there in a really really long time and I like it's neat.

Yummy Sonic! Hooray!
The end.