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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Busy day in Rock History...

We don't usually do the This Day In Rock History thing, but today is a busy and significant here's the highlights:

12.3.79: 11 fans are trampled to death getting into a Who show in Cincy. The tragedy changes the way crowd control is done at shows.

12.3.76: While shooting the cover photo for their Animals album, the members of Pink Floyd watch their giant inflatable pig break it's tether and float away. It was later recovered, not too worse for wear.

12.3.71: During a Frank Zappa & the Mothers Of Invention concert, Switzerland's Montreux Casino burns down. Across the lake, Deep Purple are recording an album, and stop to watch the fire. Then they write Smoke On The Water about it.

12.3.65: The Beatles begin their last English Tour. And in Sacramento, Keith Richards is electrocuted onstage during a Stones show...THEN GETS BACK UP AND FINISHES THE SHOW. Quite a set of nads on that guy...

12.3.48: The former frontman of one of the most legendary acts in rock history, the Prince Of Darkness, the ultimate force of evil in rock, the devourer of souls and winged creatures, and star of stage and television...Kermit The Frog, is born. I mean Ozzy. Ozzy's 60 today. Yeah. My bad.

12.3.38: Alfred Lennon marries Julia Stanley. They have one kid, 22 months later, and name him John Winston Lennon. He becomes famous and stuff.